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Our Mission

Our business is to turn scientists into entrepreneurs who can save lives and save the planet (we call this “human and planetary health”).

IndieBio is in Session

Don’t wait for Demo Day!
We encourage our startups to meet with investors during our programs.

About the Program

IndieBio is the Original

We were first.
And we keep getting better.

It was not that long ago (2014) that IndieBio exploded on the scene. We were the first VC to put a $2 million biotech lab in our office. We were the first accelerator to systematically write small checks into radical ideas using biology as a technology to disrupt markets outside healthcare. 

That portfolio of companies now has a cumulative enterprise value of over $8 billion — despite the average company being only 3 years old. Along the way our funds have expanded, as has our reach around the world. 

We have the network to help you.

Personal, 1 on 1, with
IndieBio’s Team

We are not an assembly line. You are not a widget. Every startup is unique and needs devoted attention.

Most startup programs have a meeting with you once a week. We talk to you almost every day. We sit with you, desk to desk, as we work. These rapid touchpoints speed up your iteration cycles and are critical to your evolution into a successful startup. You get direct access to the team that helped build so many iconic companies over the years.

Most accelerators are designed to spot the one company in 10 that might be big one day. At IndieBio, every startup matters. You are our first priority. Your success is our only business model. We only invest in companies that come through our accelerator.

Join in New York
or San Francisco 

Or stay virtual.
The pandemic changed the game.

We have expanded the spectrum of how we work with nascent startups, in several ways.

First, we can start funding you and working with you earlier, long before you’re ready to be in the intensive program. We’ve done this up to 9 months in advance. So even if you haven’t graduated yet, or haven’t yet gone full-time on the startup, we recommend you still apply.

Second, we can work with companies anywhere on the planet. We recommend visiting, at some point, but if you have a facility or a field site – or maybe a local government subsidy that requires you to stay there – we can support you remotely.

Our Alumni are
Our Greatest Asset 

All new startups get the benefit of a trusted community with 199 alumni who are happy to share their wisdom.

Going through IndieBio is an incredible bonding experience. We teach a philosophy and mindset that is uniquely ours. You’ll become emotionally and intellectually attached to your fellow batch mates. You’ll remember them the rest of your life.

This deep connection informs the next years to come. IndieBio is our startups’ birthplace. Everyone visits home. Every generation of startups gets the benefit of alumni help, and then they repay the favor to the new batch.

First, we can start funding you and working with you earlier, long before you’re ready to be in the intensive program. We’ve done this up to 9 months in advance. So even if you haven’t graduated yet, or haven’t yet gone full-time on the startup, we recommend you still apply.

We Believe in Diversity

44% female. First, second, and third time founders. 36 nationalities. Post-docs and corporates. Ages 21 to 75.

Diversity is a core thesis for IndieBio. We find talent that many others overlook. Some of the greatest companies of tomorrow are hiding in plain sight, today, right now. It’s just that nobody listens long and hard enough to recognize the brilliance and the potential.

If other investors have told you that you’re “too early,” well, that’s our sweet spot. We’ve funded paper plans, where no science has been done yet–and created hugely successful companies that way.

Perhaps the greatest endorsement is how many alumni have returned to IndieBio to create their second company.

Choose SOSV as your Partner

IndieBio’s parent is SOSV, which has $1 billion in assets under management, and is consistently a Top Quartile VC.

SOSV runs programs around the world in robotics, biotech, mobile ecommerce, fintech, automated manufacturing, food, and cryptocurrencies. The firm was founded by Sean O’Sullivan, who had also been an entrepreneur and a humanitarian. 

In 2020, during the heat of the pandemic – when others were retreating – we were the most active investor in the US. We are now the 4th most active early stage investor in India. Our climate tech portfolio alone is worth over $6 billion.

Partners for the Long-term

The journey begins with $525,000 and our intense program. But we continue to invest meaningfully in every round. 80% of our capital is deployed post-accelerator. 

IndieBio writes up to $525,000 checks*
at the start
IndieBio participates 100% in >$1M follow-on rounds
Enterprise value created
by IndieBio

We recommend choosing your investors wisely. We offer the biggest checks in the accelerator industry, but that’s just the beginning. SOSV, our venture fund, is spread around the globe and manages $1.4 billion (as of September 16, 2022). We target a long-term ownership of around 10%, and we continue to invest at Seed through Series C. We are a long-term partner, not just a first-check accelerator.

At IndieBio, we are in touch with thousands of investors, and we have co-invested with well over 400 firms. The SOSV network is even greater.

How to Apply

  • Apply online, and someone from our team will read your application shortly to see if we’re a good fit.
  • If we’re interested in learning more, we’ll reach out for an interview (or more, if we really like you and your idea).
  • After we’ve determined that your idea is revolutionary and game-changing, we’ll send an offer to join our next cohort.

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