New York Demo Day June 29th; San Francisco early applications due June 30th

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Matias Muchnick, MBA, CEO
We will be announcing a lot of partnerships. Imagine that we are in 500 stores on the plan is to end up in over 5000 stores by December this year.
Plant-based food sales grew almost 2.5x faster than total food sales from 2018 to 2020.

For decades, food R&D has been dedicated to make foods that are tasty, cheap, and profitable. In Matias Muchnik’s words, “that’s why the pinnacle of food R&D is a freaking Dorito.” That’s why the team at NotCo wanted to steer the next wave of food R&D to make it healthy, delicious, and affordable, focusing largely on plant-based foods. Why? First, it’s healthier and more sustainable. Second, Millennials’ preferences are driving this market and have already carved out $15 billion of growth.

NotCo is on a mission to take animals out of food production while not compromising on taste and nutrition. Their animal-free dairy and meat products are powered by Giuseppe – an AI platform with embedded food science to generate healthy and accessible products from plants. The company analyzes at a molecular level to indicate which plants must be combined in order to replicate their taste, texture, color and aroma, enabling manufacturers to discover a new source of fiber, calcium and proteins from the vegetables. NotCo delivers unprecedented experiences in milk, mayo, ice cream, plant-based meats; all tasting like the real thing.