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SOSV General Partner Pae Wu

IndieBio is a community, and it’s been built by founders, by investors, by non-profit advocates, by so many friendly universities, and by fans who pack our rafters at night. They all have a stake in IndieBio… It’s very much about service. I’m here to serve.


General Partner

SOSV General Partner Pae Wu

What’s been exhilarating here at IndieBio is how committed our team is to the mission of solving problems of human and planetary health. That’s allowed us to really flex the definition of what is an IndieBio company. Beyond biology, we’ve taken a more agnostic approach to solving problems like the decarbonization of heavy industries, to include physics and chemistry-based technologies.

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Chief commercial officer, Quanterix
Founder, Ingensity

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We’re always looking for experts in our network to help our founders. Whether you have experience scaling up FOAK infrastructure, or have insights into cell & gene therapies, we’re keen to tap into the brightest brains on the planet.

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