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IndieBio Leadership


Managing Director & Partner

SOSV General Partner Pae Wu

IndieBio is a community, and it’s been built by founders, by investors, by non-profit advocates, by so many friendly universities, and by fans who pack our rafters at night. They all have a stake in IndieBio… It’s very much about service. I’m here to serve.


General Partner

SOSV General Partner Pae Wu

What’s been exhilarating here at IndieBio is how committed our team is to the mission of solving problems of human and planetary health. That’s allowed us to really flex the definition of what is an IndieBio company. Beyond biology, we’ve taken a more agnostic approach to solving problems like the decarbonization of heavy industries, to include physics and chemistry-based technologies.

Our team

Managing Director & General Partner
CTO & General Partner
General Partner
Senior Director & Partner
Program Director
Program Coordinator
Venture Advisor
Founder and Venture Advisor
Managing Director & General Partner
Senior Analyst
Lab Manager
Managing General Partner, SOSV
General Partner, SOSV
Senior Operating Partner, SOSV
Partner and General Counsel, SOSV
Legal Counsel, SOSV
Director of Investor Relations, SOSV

Adjunct Partner Board

Associate professor, MIT, Co-founder and CEO, Senti Biosciences
Co-founder, Geneweave, Co-founder and COO, Endpoint Health
Chief commercial officer, Quanterix
Co-founder and CEO, Neosensory, Writer and host, “The Brain” on PBS
Senior vice president, Amgen Research (retired), Chief scientific officer, A2 Biotherapeutics
Termeer Professor of Bioengineering, MIT
Professor, Harvard and MIT, Director,
Adjunct partner, IndieBio, Executive in residence, Columbia Technology Ventures
Founder, Ingensity

Our mentors

IndieBio’s mentor network encompasses academics, corporates, investors, industry experts, service providers, and entrepreneurs who are interested in advising or partnering with early stage companies in the life sciences. IndieBio mentors have the opportunity to participate in networking events, engage with accelerator participants via group program sessions, and develop long-term advisorships with specific companies as they grow. IndieBio’s list of mentors on our website is not reflective of the hundreds of individuals across all different industries who are part of both IndieBio and SOSV’s global mentor network.

Mentors and founders can learn more about IndieBio’s mentorship programs on our Mentor FAQs.


Founder of MedLabs Accelerator; Partner at ZGC Fund; CEO at ZGC Capital

Hawkwood Biotech Partners; Genoa VC; Bond Pet Foods

Novozymes, science manager

Cornell University; BioVenture eLab (Weill Cornell Medical)

Vive Crop Protection

Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado

CytoDel, Inc.; NYU School of Medicine

Altavant Sciences

Wells Fargo; Wells Fargo Svp Cleantech Banking; EcoTech Capital

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