Parikshit Sharma

Parikshit is engaged in investments and operations at all stages of the fund, from sourcing to growth. He is responsible for the execution of follow-on investments for the IndieBio portfolio. He works with portfolio companies on fundraising strategy, building data rooms, and financial & techno-economic modeling. Fascinated by volume and value tradeoffs, he is passionate about systematizing IndieBio’s investment theses and platform development by researching and implementing investment instruments and tech stacks.

Parikshit actively tracks the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning research, with specific interests in novel computation architectures for biology. In addition, Parikshit’s investment thesis research spans project finance for new infrastructure and problems in operations research to fine-tune means of production and distribution.

Prior to joining IndieBio, he interned in the energy finance department of a multilateral development bank, assessing and modeling risk to scale up renewable energy investments in India. Accelerating technology adoption in emerging markets continues to be an important interest area for him. To that end, he really enjoys advising and brainstorming with startup incubators and startups across the Global South.

Parikshit is a graduate of Bowdoin College where he studied Mathematics and Economics and attended the General Course at the London School of Economics.

History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.

Mark Twain