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Conscious biodesign for advanced proteins
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Alex Lorestani, PhD, CEO
We have the opportunity in synthetic biology to build products that are just intuitively so much better for customers from an experience perspective, from a benefits perspective. Really focusing your energy on creating something that’s just that good. I think that’s important.
At Geltor, we make real gelatin, without the animal.

Geltor is a conscious, biodesign company that produces advanced proteins sustainably and without animals, to service industries as diverse as beauty, nutrition, and food and beverage.

By combining precision fermentation and synthetic biology, Geltor is producing high quality, bioactive collagen and elastin products that don’t rely on animals for production, and don’t sacrifice on performance. Whether it’s a cosmetic or a food and beverage application – these high performance, advanced designer proteins are being efficiently produced by industrial microbes engineered by Geltor’s team.