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Inventors of microbial stem cells for better fermentation
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Nikolai Mushnikov, PhD, CEO
You can keep your factory cells fit, but it's impossible to make them young again. Until now.
A few hours of downtime on a biofermentation batch can cost millions of dollars.

Biofermentation is often done in batches, because the cells (bacteria, yeast, etc.) that produce the product of interest will eventually mutate and cause the entire batch to become unproductive. This is why batches have to restart, undergoing an idle period, which costs time and money in labor and lost productivity.

Asimica’s solution to this problem is to create microbial stem cells, a technology that constantly generates “young” and productive factory cells, which solves two problems: 1) it prolongs the lifespan of a batch, which means more productivity and less downtime, and 2) more productivity from the constant production of younger factory cells. This can increase the productivity of biofermentation 2-3X per batch.