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Upside Foods
Making your favorite food a force for good.
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Uma Valeti, CEO
We’ve already reduced the cost of production by more than 100-fold since we started our research... as we scale-up we are confident we will be able to produce meat at a price that will eventually be more affordable than conventionally-produced meat.
An acre of rain forest is felled to create room for cattle farming every six seconds; that’s approximately 14,400 acres daily

According to the IPCC, agricultural practices in all countries account for 18% of the total anthropogenic GHG emissions. The fecal run-off from animal agriculture pollutes our waterways, and puts the human race at risk with antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Replacing livestock would put a huge impact on our planet.

That’s why Upside Foods was the first to use cellular agriculture to grow the meat you love, in the lab instead of a farm. Upside was the poster child of cellular agriculture when it was hot in 2015, promising 90% carbon reduction compared to traditional factory farms. This is not a plant substitute; this is real meat. Smaller land footprint, fewer carbon emissions, none of the murder, and all of the flavor.