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Climate relisilient crops for tomorrow, today
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Brendan Collins, CEO
Today, new crop genetic development is a two-year process that takes $20 million. We want to make that four months, and $20 thousand.
Half of all plant species are at risk from climate change

Half of all plant species are at risk from climate change

The world is changing faster than crops can adapt. To make crops more adaptive, we need a speedier way to alter their gene expression. Most plant genes are unexplored because their role is too subtle to be picked up by GWAS. Avalo.ai are leaders in interpretable machine learning in the realm of agricultural genetics.

This drastically narrows (by around 100x) the scope of candidate genes to validate. Paired with a system to deliver gene regulators via the soil, Avalo.ai attempts to replace the trial-and-error breeding of the past with a computational and programmable responsive system.