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Prime Roots
All the umami, without the oink
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Kimberlie Le, CEO
We believe that putting our community first gives us unique insight, as well as the ability for consumers to have dialogue with us so that we are ensuring that we are making the best products that our community of eaters crave.
A proud moment for Prime Roots is when they discovered Lizzo was praising this product on her Instagram stories

Killing an animal and eating its flesh is not the only way to gain protein. Now more than ever, we need alternatives to conventional animal farming and fishing—not just because of animal welfare, but for human and environmental health. What’s happening now is not sustainable.

Prime Roots uses fungi as a complete protein source which acts as a seafood alternative. Described as healthful, protein-rich, sustainable, ethical, and delicious, the company is working to help people reimagine meat and seafood with fungi, that has the proper taste, texture, and nutrition. The product has already been tested with over 10,000 potential consumers, and their full product line is hitting markets and available for purchase on their website.