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Endless West
All of the spirit, none of the rules
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Alec Lee, CEO
The possibilities for customization were endless. We set out to make wine that smelled and tasted exactly as we wanted it to, without purchasing land, planting grapes or concerning ourselves with the effects of climate change that are wreaking havoc on wine regions around the world.
Spirits are a $600 billion market globally, with a rapidly growing niche for novel flavors

After a whiskey is fermented and distilled, it has to undergo an aging process, which is arguably the most expensive part of the process. The alcohol sits in contact with specially chosen wooden barrels whose wood contain compounds that are transferred to the whiskey, giving it exquisite flavor along with its color. Now imagine the same unique flavor profiles but for every spirit: wine, soju, sake, etc.

Endless West can simulate this process by analyzing the molecules that give spirits their flavors and aroma, and then synthesize their own “molecular” spirits, without the need for grapes, rice, or wood. Their first product, Glyph, is the first whiskey ever to be crafted ‘note by note’, using molecules (or, flavor and aroma notes) extracted in their purest form from more efficient sources in nature.