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The EVERY Company (fka Clara Foods)
Eggs without the chicken
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Arturo Elizondo, CEO
We can all get behind the fact that factory farming just shouldn't exist
As of 2018, FAO estimated 7.5 billion egg-laying hens in the world

The EVERY Company brews real animal protein without using a single animal — starting with the world’s first suite of animal-free egg proteins. Eggs the beloved breakfast staple has broad industry usage, delivering 20+ critical performance, flavor, and nutrition functionalities such as pH stability, tenderization and beyong enabling a $213B market in the foodand beverage industry. Their first product is an animal-free pepsin, which was launched in 2020, and is already selling across three continents. The EVERY Company has created a strong partnership ecosystem to truly compete with animal protein head on––a first in the alternative protein space––by partnering with ingredients giant, Ingredion (NYSE: INGR) for global distribution and ABInBev (NYSE: BUD), the world’s largest fermentation company, for production.