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Vertical Oceans
Reinventing aquaculture
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John Diener, CEO
The oceans are something to be cherished and respected, not exploited and polluted. Aquaculture is a sustainable way of producing a high-quality food – when done right.
Aquaculture is critical to the sustainability of our food systems. Vertical Oceans started with trying to modernize current aquaculture practices... and ended up completely reinventing it.

90% of the fish consumed in the U.S. comes from China and overseas

Vertical farms are exploding, but why grow lettuce? There’s something else you can grow that generates 12x more revenue, on the same minimal land footprint. No, it’s not marijuana. It’s shrimp – in multi-story vertical oceans.

Humankind’s future will include cultured meat and plant-based meat, but it will also include sustainably grown animal protein. What “self-driving” is to the car industry, “self-cleaning” is to the booming aquaculture industry. Zero waste, zero effluent. With Feed-Conversion-Ratios (FCRs) below 1.0. Vertical Oceans aims to be the world’s first seafood company to reach these hallowed benchmarks. The whole system is run on their biocomputer. Having just moved from their pilot facility to a larger demo facility in Singapore, they’ll be running four harvests this spring and are coming to Chicago soon.