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Ten63 Therapeutics
In silico drug design based on movement
* Data source: Crunchbase
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* Data source: Crunchbase
Marcel Frankel, PhD, CEO
Our software has made it possible — for the first time — to discover how a tumor will mutate, years before it actually happens in a patient. We can “discover” it while we are designing the drug itself in the computer. And so we can design drugs that work not just against the tumor before it mutates, but the drug will still work after it mutates. And not just one mutation — all likely mutations.
Currently only 2-4% of drug targets are both druggable and disease modifying

Using computers to design better drugs has been quite effective when there’s already a lot of knowledge about the compounds and the protein targets they’re hitting. But those approaches to in silico drug design haven’t worked well for new areas, where there isn’t a lot of knowledge. It’s the difference between interpolation and extrapolation.

To go after biological pathways where there hasn’t been much success in the past — and design entirely novel classes of drugs — a different approach was needed.

The Ten63 platform BEYOND, leverages a proprietary AI and state-of-the-art physical models to explore an unprecedentedly large chemical space, allowing them to discover new therapeutics to targets previously believed undruggable. While their competitors search through a few million compound variations for the best fit, Ten63 can easily and efficiently search through billions of possibilities. This allows them to also design drugs against all likely mutations of, for example, a tumor.