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Culturing nature's rainbow
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Michelle Zhu, CEO
People are paying attention to how the food they put IN their bodies are made, and it's only a matter of time when they start paying attention to the clothes they put ON their body as well.
Jeans are a $100B market globally. Twenty thousand tons of indigo are produced annually for dyeing of jeans. Statistically, every American owns, on average, seven pairs of blue jeans.

Jeans are everywhere. But the blue dye in most jeans are made with chemically synthesized indigo, which not only pollutes our planet (both chemical and and carbon), but the entire process is also toxic, corrosive and highly combustible. We don’t have to deal with these issues when we buy them at the store, but someone (the person who makes your jeans) does.

Huue discovered a way to fix these problems by using a nature-inspired process to create indigo (and other colors) from completely renewable sources like sugar and microbes. They’ve programmed bacteria to help make the most sustainable jeans on the planet, and proven that their dyes perform just as well as the toxic ones. Aheir color platform isn’t stopping at denim–they’ve already moved on to food dyes, and is partnering with Gingko Bioworks to expand even further.