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The synthetic nucleus company
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Ksenia Burka, CEO
"Today’s tools won't make gene therapies mainstream. Instead of delivering just DNA or RNA, why not give cells an extra nucleus?"

Reactosome uses synthetic nuclei as a novel class of gene therapy. This is not a “better” LNP, AAV, etc – This would be peerless in delivering very large DNA payloads ALONG WITH the transcription machinery to transcribe RNAs. As a result, the internalized nuclei can continuously pump out mRNAs into the cytosol. This is important for therapies that need to correct large defective genes or gene circuits (i.e., Duchennes, hemophilia, collagenopathies), for a longer period of time and without the inconvenience of redosing. 

Reactosome is a therapeutic company at its core, but they are also pioneers of the synthetic nucleus who have left academia to direct the engineering efforts towards a synthetic nuclei that can be used in gene therapy. Compared to liposomal delivery, Reactosome’s modality would offer longer duration of effect and at a reduced immunogenicity. And compared to viral and non-viral vectors, Reactosome would have greatly reduced risk of genomic integration since the cargo DNA is contained entirely within the complex.