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CEO Vineeta Tripathi
"Vitarka is revolutionizing intracellular drug delivery by developing a new tumor-targeted platform technology using pore-forming proteins. RNA therapeutics have the potential to target 90% of the druggable proteome and bring benefits to patients and their families."
Almost 85% patients with late-stage cancers do not have treatment options.

A new wave of RNA therapeutics has the potential to transform treatment for solid tumours. Existing non-viral technologies cannot target tumour cells. Moreover, these fail to release the therapeutic RNA into the cytosol, less than 1% leaks out of the endosomes (a sub-cellular compartment). The remaining 99% is degraded.

EndoPore is Vitarka Therapeutics’ solution to this drug delivery problem. Using a synthetic biology approach, our team has developed pore forming proteins (PFPs) for targeted, cytosolic delivery of RNA therapeutics. PFPs have a naturally evolved mechanism of endosomal escape, which we are exploiting along with using a validated mechanism of stabilising RNA.