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Advanced Microbubbles
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Dr Jameel Feshitan, CEO
With chemo, we have to poison the patient to hope to cure them. Advanced microbubbles can really impact the life of a lot of patients by making chemo less toxic and more efficacious.
Chemotherapy drug uptake can be as poor as <1% owing largely to delivery across tumor or blood-brain barriers.

The difficult thing about treating tumors is that drugs have trouble penetrating their microenvironment. Chemotherapy itself is already a tricky balance of killing the cancer before it kills the patient, so increasing the dosage is already a risky gamble. Fortunately, the solution lies in the very same microbubbles that come out of your faucet.

Advanced Microbubbles has a patented method to size-isolate microbubbles, which can then be conjugated to any cancer drug. Combined with the humble ultrasound, these drug-bubble conjugates can then be spatially focused on the tumor using a medical device that exists in every clinic. This results in much less toxicity and much more drug penetrating the tumor.