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Convalesce Inc
Hyperlocal full cell reprogramming
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Subhadeep Das, PhD, CEO
Our company will make cell and gene therapy more accessible, by providing a programmable environment for our own body to become a drug factory.
According to Deloitte, on a global basis there has been 15% annual growth in cell and gene therapy companies over the last 3 years

Convalesce is a biotech company pioneering local in situ genetic and cellular reprogramming, such as turning glial cells to neurons, or alpha to beta cells to replenish insulin. Reprogramming these cells ex-vivo has compromising limitations and nucleic acid medicines can’t effectively localize in vivo.

Convalesce have developed a platform that enables hyperlocal cell reprogramming through advanced materials harboring genes and/or cells of interest in vivo. We have demonstrated that CNV platform’s ECM can provide robust cell survival (3X) in vivo and enhance targeted differentiation. We were also able to get 2.5X higher expression of a gene-of-interest. Convalesce is leveraging its platform initially to target eye disease, dry age related macular degeneration (AMD) and is raising series seed to complete pre-clinical development by 2022.