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Cayuga Biotech
Harnessing polyphosphate to treat serious bleeding
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Damien Kudela, Ph.D., CEO
Bleeding causes a lot of negative outcomes for patients, so stopping the bleeding has many benefits. Not only are you saving their lives by reducing blood loss, but you can actually reduce the time it takes for them to heal as well.
Across all sources of bleeding, the probability of death increases 1 % for every 3 minutes of uncontrolled hemorrhage.

Serious bleeding is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and outcomes are linked to how quickly hemostasis can be achieved. Excessive bleeding is a global threat that can affect all populations, but is especially critical for patients on anticoagulant therapy or those who have a rare bleeding disorder. Cayuga Biotech’s mission is to harness the potential of polyphosphate to address uncontrolled bleeding episodes.

CAY001 is a first-in-class drug which aims to accelerate the body’s natural clotting response even in patients with compromised platelet function. Unlike natural platelets, CAY001 is can be mass-manufactured, is stable at room temperature, and does not require type matching, allowing it to be deployed with first responders.