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A2A Pharmaceuticals
Leveraging proprietary computational systems to accelerate development of novel drugs
* Data source: Crunchbase
Funding to Date*
Their first spin out, Biomea Fusion, went public via IPO in 2021

A2A is a partnership driven drug design company with candidates across cancer, infrectious disease, and rare diseases. Most of the pharmaceutical industry is focused on analysis of existing libraries of drug-like molecules with computational tools and high-throughput screening. By contrast, A2A is exploring 100s of millions of molecules in chemical space to develop proprietary databases of safe and effective new drug candidates. The approach enables rigorous pre-optimization of therapeutics before laboratory testing begins. Interest in A2As oncology programs with multiple pharmaceutical partner possibilities has picked up after revealing positive data from the Leukemia program.

They have a robust internal pipeline, with a focus on drug designs for breaking protein-protein interactions and collaborations with Daewood Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, and In Silico Medicine.