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Diadem Biotherapeutics
Engineering the best receptor agonists
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Dr. Mickey Pentecost, CEO
Because exosomes are remarkably robust entities, we're looking at various delivery formats including inhalable
Exosome therapeutic delivery market is expected to reach $30B by 2026, by a 22% CAGR

One way cells communicate to each other through long distances is via exosomes. Originally thought to be cellular garbage, exosomes are now a powerful opportunity for therapeutics. Many competitors are focused on packaging inside the exosome to use as delivery vesicles, and thus completely ignores the shell as a modality for therapeutics.

Diadem Biotherapeutics is engineering a platform to decorate the outside of exosomes, so that they act as signaling molecules. By engineering the surface of exosomes, with signaling agonists, they can craete a new therapeutic modality, 10,000X more potent than the unattached protein. Moreover, they can engineer potent combinations of multiple receptor agonists. The team is currently performing IND-enabling studies for oncology and autoimmune disorders.