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The first and only continuous potassium monitoring for heart and kidney care
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Sahan Runamukha, PhD, CEO
“In order to take timely clinical actions on your heart, it’s worthless to measure synthetic, downstream, or correlative variables. We need a direct measure of the critical element that makes your heart beat.”
Chronic kidney disease is bigger than diabetes, affecting 37 million Americans.

Potassium controls every single heartbeat you have, but it’s the kidneys that control your potassium levels. You could say the kidneys are the gatekeeper to your heart.

Kidney care is going through dramatic market disruption. Home dialysis is displacing clinics. And patient care management companies are siphoning off patients. Nevertheless, these patients are still ending up in the hospital 2 to 3 times a year, because none of them have a way to remotely and continuously monitor patient potassium data. ProtonIntel will power this entire new ecosystem.