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What if computers could smell... everything?
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Gabriel Lavella, Ph.D, CEO
The world is at risk of closing. Closing borders to each other, closing the movement of goods and products. Trust is eroding, fast. Our misssion is to keep the world open for business.
Nearly everything produces some volatile organic compound that can be detected... drugs, covid, cancer, etc.

Canaery will be a security company, detecting and identifying dangers in all goods and people – at ports, airports, inspection points, and borders. They don’t use X-Rays, nor do they use cameras. Instead, they will use scent. Absolutely everything in the world gives off a unique signature of volatile compounds, perpetually – a scent-fingerprint.

Being able to detect and identify everything through scent has long been a holy grail in tech. Canaery is a neural interface company from the Rinberg Lab at NYU, the world’s leading lab for how olfactory information is represented in the brain. It can detect critical information for security to health and from farms to ships. Canaery will do for scent what machine vision has done for sight.