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Chronus Health
Blood tests without the wait.
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Anand Parikh, CEO
We are on a mission to accelerate clinical decision making and improve patient care by bringing point-of-care blood testing to every examination room.
Doctors rely on blood tests to make 70 percent of their diagnoses, but have to wait hours, if not days, to do so.

Every day blood panels are one of the simplest tests that are foundational to healthcare, but patients are still waiting days to receive their lab results. This results in multiple unnecessary visits to the doctor, and delayed time to action. Imagine what we can do if we were to get near-instantaneous results on our blood panels.

Chronus Health’s portable device allows for real-time diagnosis at the point-of-care providing lab results in minutes, dramatically improving time to care and patient outcomes. Their initial launch for Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) accounts for 50% of all blood tests performed.

The prevalent techniques for doing blood test relies of optics and use of mechanical pumps for fluid preparation–this drives up both the size and cost of the devices.Chronus uses electrical methods for sensing and sample preparation that reduces the device size and cost.

Starting with CBC and metabolic panels, Chronus has already demonstrated on-demand blood tests that meet CLIA standards.