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Cancer cells feel different. To the touch.
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Jean Pham, MS, CEO
“Patients hate the invasiveness of cystoscopies. And urologists have more valuable uses of their time. 90% of them can be eliminated with just a urine sample.”
Cellens is at 94% accuracy in detecting bladder cancer from urine. Next up is colorectal, then replacing the PSA score.

In the field of liquid biopsy, the abundance of new technologies are mere screening tests. They can’t monitor patients’ progression and drive clinical decisions. The real money is in monitoring disease patients, for years. 

Atomic Force Microscopy scans the surface of cells at such high resolution that it can not only discriminate cancer cells from healthy cells, it can identify the stage and aggressiveness. The scientific community is so excited by Cellens’ work that grant funding is covering all the costs of their pre-clinical trials at Dana Farber, Dartmouth, and UW.