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GateHouse Bio (fka sRNAlytics)
The next generation of biomarkers
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David Salzman, PhD, CEO
I left my job at Biogen to pursue a vision to turn small RNAs into the next generation biomarkers
It takes over 4 years and dozens of tests to even diagnose it, and even those are wrong... One in four patients in dementia clinical trials don't even have early-stage dementia, and leads to the 99% drug failure rate.

When your cells make instructions in the form of mRNAs, there are also many small RNAs (sRNAs) that regulate those instructions. They regulate the health and disease of all living things, and researchers are now finding out that their activity patterns are indicative of overall patterns in the body.

Turns out, this is a good strategy for biomarker discovery. Gatehouse developed an RNA analytics platform intended to classify patient samples with binary accuracy. The company’s platform identifies small RNA biomarkers and discovers molecular pathways of disease through deep analysis of small RNAs and accelerates the development of targeted therapies, enabling custom bio-markers and companion diagnostics driving cures.