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Cancer tumor avatars to accelerate precision oncology
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Tarek Ali Zaki, CEO
Our mission is to dramatically improve cancer patient outcomes and ensure that each patient receives the best possible therapy. We envision a world where NO patient is prescribed therapy before understanding how the patient will respond to therapy.
Up to 75% of patients don’t respond to prescribed treatments. Even with best-in-class drugs only a third of patients respond.

OncoPrecision can predict a patient’s response to cancer therapies by replicating the tumor microenvironment ex vivo. Their unique, triple co-culture method increases patient-derived cancer cell viability 60x in a 2.5D format that has been validated using real patient data. For patients in dire need of the right cancer treatment the first time, OncoPrecision offers doctors the assurance that decisions made today will make the difference tomorrow.

When time is of the essence, being able to screen potential therapies with your personalized cancer avatar in under 10 days is fast. Doing so with more accuracy than today’s sequencing or organoid approaches is huge. Through their growing list of strategic partnerships, OncoPrecision is screening, selecting, and speeding up the delivery of precision oncology.