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Drugging the Undruggable
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Maria Soloveychik, PhD, CEO
We came into IndieBio with an idea for a drug discovery platform and a list of targets. In the three months since then we’ve built out the platform, created compounds, and tested them in clinical models.
650,000 protein-protein interactions that we know of in human cells, and there is only one drug that has been approved that can break one of these interactions

SyntheX is expanding drug design into the ‘undruggable’ space for the treatment of cancer and rare diseases. They implement an innovative platform for the accelerated discovery of new classes of therapeutics that target the Achilles’ heel of cancer cells in a highly specific and selective manner. Traditional drugs work by disrupting the enzymatic function of proteins. SyntheX expands the drug discovery space from active site inhibitors to protein-protein interaction modulators using our innovative screening technology.