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Safe and effective accelerated Osteogenesis
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Kirill Susloparov, CEO
Although the chemical composition of a drug remains unchanged, the molecular crystal is transformed into a new state with unique physical and chemical properties, including a significant increase in biochemical activity.
Over 600,000 people suffer from slow and difficult to heal bone fractures within the U.S. every year.

Non-union’ fractures are common in people with low and imbalanced hormones, such as the elderly, but may also result from infection, inadequate blood supply to the bone, and incorrect splinting. Surgery, which has a low level of success, is the current standard of care. Full recovery from non-union fracture surgery is rare and repeat surgeries are often required.

MezoMax created a first of its kind, convenient, twice daily oral formulation called MMX-701 that works by delivering calcium directly to the bone producing cells to accelerate healing and provide for more complete bone union in non-union fractures.

MMMX-701 was tested in over 1,000 patients in three international Investigators-Initiated Trials, using an open-label adaptive design, and has shown good safety and tolerability, a significant increase in the bone mineral density (assessed via Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry as a T-score in the lumbar vertebrae), and decreased bone resorption.