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Laguna Bio
The newest cancer killers on the block
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CEO Jonathan Kotula, PhD
"γδ T cells can uniquely generate robust and durable cytotoxicity against cancer and nothing produces more (gamma delta) T cells than Laguna Listeria."
2 out of 3 patients with solid tumors don’t experience a robust anti-tumor response, even with cutting-edge cancer therapies

Laguna is developing the first ever targeted cell therapy platform that requires no patient cell engineering, providing the benefits of adoptive targeted cell therapy without any of the complexity, cost, or safety issues associated with extraction and ex vivo manufacturing. Their QUAIL platform activates and expands endogenous 𝛄𝛅 T cells from 1-10 million to 1-2 billion circulating cells. This technology can be extremely effective across cancer, especially in AML where patients have no other options. Combining QUAIL with their next-gen discovery platform driven by AI-guided genetic engineering and molecular design will open the door to treating solid tumors, autoimmunity, and infectious disease.