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Helex Bio
Making genetic diseases a thing of the past.
Poulami Chuadhuri, Ph.D., CEO
"We call ourselves the GPS for gene editing, because we really decide on that exact location where the guide RNA can make the cut for a safer therapy, a more efficient therapy, so that there are no more unintended cuts anywhere else in the genome."
It costs $2 billion to develop a new gene-editing therapy, and $2 million simply to treat one patient.

Helex Bio enables gene therapy companies to design gRNAs & simulate outcomes of CRISPR edits to bring effective therapies to market faster with our Helex Platform™. The Helex Platform™ guides gene therapy companies in target identification, design and validation of efficient and safe gRNAs for creating functional impact with minimal significant off-targets. Additionally, the platform simulates edit outcomes to reliably develop therapy protocols.

The Helex Platform™ is powered by intelligent data driven deep-learning modeling using extensive high throughput next generation sequencing data derived from CRISPR edits on human cell lines. Helex not only gives reliable predictions through the Helex Platform™, but validate them in-house using cell-based assays and next generation sequencing to support with proven experimental data for high degree of reliability.