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Cancer cells die without key amino acids
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Xiyan Li, PhD, CSO
It's crazy to think that our form of cancer therapy is so effective despite it technically not made of any drugs at all
Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States, nearly a quarter million new cases every year in the US

Metabolism is what keeps us going. But for cancer cells that have abnormally high rates of growth, this is doubly true. The founders at Filtricine has found that cancers require key nutrients that healthy cells do not require.

Filtricine developed a targeted nutrient deprivation (TND) therapy for treating a broad spectrum of cancer. This enables doctors and medical care professionals to exploit metabolic dependencies to stop the spread of cancer without the use of drug substances. The product now a two step cancer therapy, the first step is a meal plan that excludes the key nutrients, which the Filtricine team has shown to slow down drugs in 4 different cancer types. The second step is a dialysis with a formulated fluid that removes the targeted nutrients from the body. They have already completed pre-clinical studies to get FDA approval.