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AI-driven LNP discovery
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Payam Koshkenar, PhD
"Nobody can predict LNP behavior and tissue targeting from the lipid composition... but it's such an an important innovation, and we think it's very possible with the right tools."
"90% of clinical trial failures for therapeutics could be solved by better and more targeted drug delivery vehicles"

To reach the full potential of RNA therapeutics, we have to understand how the tuning of just 4 ingredients in the delivery vehicle (lipid nanoparticles) can confer transfection and targeting efficiency.

Dandelion is the first to leverage machine learning and biophysics in a systematic attempt to make sense of the chaos between LNP structure and function. They are currently training a generative AI model that can design organ and cell-type specific drug delivery vehicles, with in vivo experiments to validate and course correct the machine learning. The ultimate goal is to deliver more targeted RNA therapeutics with fewer side effects.