Jan 20, 2023
By Westley Dang
RECAP: SF Demo Day (Batch 13)

IndieBio SF’s Demo Day was a huge success!

We started off the day with an online demo day at 10 AM PST with incredible videos made by the IndieBio SF team in collaboration with the founders, as an exercise to hone the narrative of the company, ensuring that differentiation is coming across to investors. Some of the videos were so moving that our founders were getting private messages from ordinary people sharing their stories about the problems our startups are trying to solve.

You can watch the videos in one long livestream above, watch it on the community portal, or watch the individual clips on our YouTube channel.

Over the course of the program, IndieBio facilitated over 500+ investor conversations with our 13 companies. But last night, the in-person Demo Day was the culmination of the IndieBio Experience in which our founders flew in from all over the world to meet face to face with investors, showing off demonstrations of their progress in the past 5 months.

Gozen Bioworks brought their next-gen leather samples as well as multiple products: boots, purses, jackets, designed by fashion designer Ece Gozen. Mira Biotech brought samples of their MDF that was manufactured at their pilot facility. Melio showed a software demo of how their innovative MeltRead™️ system detects multiple pathogens from a single spiked blood sample, with high sensitivity. MAA’VA showed stunning beautiful tables made from their eco-concrete. Infinite Elements showed samples of their biofiltration system that separate rare-earth minerals with biology instead of toxic chemistry.

The next morning, we met at 10 AM as per our Friday morning ritual, where we share our progress in the past 7 days. We learned that Demo Day helped crystallize corporate partnerships and term sheets that have been in the works. One of our companies finished a $10M purchasing contract. Another was offered a partnership in which they would be getting free feedstock. Some were offered term sheets.

This isn’t the end for our founders.

We continue to work with our companies, long after the batch is over. Even as I’m writing this, I see Parikshit sitting to my left working on a data room with one of our founders, Po sitting to my right working with another founder on fundraising, and a few desks away, Pae and Mohan are reiterating a business model with another founder at their desks (it’s against our ethos to have individual offices). We continue to answer our founders phone calls, night and day, because if there is one thing that binds our team and our founders together, it’s our shared mission and the work never stops.

P.S. We are looking for amazing founders to be part of our new batch this upcoming spring. If you have a great idea, please submit an application and someone from our team will reach out if we see a potential to become a huge company, for human and planetary health.