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Gozen Bioworks
Sustainable alternative to leather, as soft as lambskin
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CEO Ece Gözen Akin
"The thinness, strength and softness of our leather is unprecedented… it removes all the limits that held back traditional leather.”
Leather is a $400B industry with more consumers seeking sustainable alternatives

Founded by one of Turkey’s most famous young fashion designers, Gozen Bioworks is a biomaterials company that has created the world’s strongest and softest bio-based animal-free leather to date. Their latest product (Xylozen™) is twice as strong as animal leather, impossibly thin, and soft enough to replace lambskin in luxury tiers.

The breakthrough in their technology is the scalability of their sustainable bioproduction process: while their competitors are investing in how to engineer systems that can distribute nutrients throughout their leather alternative, Gozen has designed their leather with scalability in mind, such that their nutrient delivery system can distribute at micron-scale resolution for almost no additional CAPEX. They are in talks with several luxury brands to position their product as a high-end alternative material.