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Mirá Biotech
100% resin-less engineered wood
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CEO Gustavo Candelaria
“Engineered wood is wood and plastic resins… we will transform the industry by making it with 100% agricultural byproducts... without even a trace of resins or toxic gas.”
The US is the world’s largest importer of MDF, a global market of $25B

The majority of MDF (an engineered wood product) is composed of wood dust and the resin (a plastic) that binds it. The resin is the smallest component of MDF, but the biggest cost driver. Mirá Biotech eliminates the resin so that they can sell MDF for the same price as traditional MDF, but with 3-4 times the industry margin. Their secret is a 260 million-year-old enzyme used to covalently bond lignocellulosic feedstock together, without the need for any resin or chemicals.

The resulting product is 100% made of plant and wood fibers joined via a completely biological polymerization. Mirá’s MDF is a completely safe and more moisture resistant than traditional MDF, which releases volatile gasses into our homes and makes MDF difficult to recycle and biodegrade. They’re scaling up their manufacturing right now in Brazil to produce 20,000 boards a month, and will expand beyond MDF to other types of engineered wood… formaldehyde-free, and resin-free.