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Wood without the tree
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Joe Luttwak, CEO
We’re pursuing big customers and large material flows to really make an impact.
87% of old timber forests are gone forever. They're never coming back.

Wood is a touchy subject. It could be considered a more sustainable material than plastic because it’s regenerative, but we’re simply just not regenerating them fast enough.

Lingrove is a materials company that is making wood without the trees. Their signature material, Ekoa, is lighter than carbon fiber, stiffer than fiberglass, and the wood grain finish is simply beautiful. Their product is made from a bioresin bonded with flax, which is normally discarded anyway after they are harvested for flaxseed. Ekoa can be molded into complex shapes and dyed to match the finishes of even the most expensive hardwoods. High performance, planet-positive and carbon-negative products without compromising the beauty.