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Aja Labs
Superhuman hair engineered from plants.
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Osahon Ojeaga, CEO
Women spend more on their hair every year than they spend on their iPhone. It's a big deal, and deeply personal.
Women and girls as young as eight years old are paid just $11-25 for sellign their hair to supply the hair extension marketplace

Around the developing world, women and girls as young as eight years old are paid just $11 to $25 for selling their hair to supply the hair extension marketplace. The only readily available alternative is plastic synthetic hair, made from petrochemicals, from which consumers often experience toxicity reactions. At worst, these plastics potentially trigger endocrine disruption. Despite all these issues, extensions and weaves are still a fast-growing $7 billion market.

Aja Labs aims to be the ethical and more sustainable choice in hair extensions and weaves. Aja Labs makes human-like hair from plants by utilizing proprietary fiber processing, biotechnology, and microparticle technology to upcycle waste crop matter into premium, healthy hair extension products. The team is engineering sustainable fibers using materials that are better for human and planetary health.