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Brightcure Ltd.
Next-generation microbiome femcare for a healthy urinary tract
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Chiara Heide, Ph.D., CEO
By fighting these bad bacteria, it gives the good bacteria room to colonize the vaginal area. This is what balances and promotes the good bacteria in the intimate area.
50% of women will get a urinary tract infection during their lifetime.

BrightCure’s bioactive ingredient continuously protects, restores and balances your intimate skin. Our products calm your urogenital area which can be irritated and damaged by antibiotic therapies and harmful bacteria living in your gut and colonizing women’s intimate area. Unhealthy food, irritation, and changes in pH lead to reduced urogenital comfort making it easier for bad bacteria to grow on your skin.

BrightCure’s ACTIVE COMPONENT kills the harmful bacteria and activates the skin’s natural ability to repair and protect itself, thereby boosting your natural immune system to promote a healthy woman’s intimate microbiome.

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