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Cybele Microbiome
Precision control over your skin biome
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Nicole Scott, Ph.D., CEO
By controlling what you skin biome eats, we can control what it does.
Ceramides are a key component to skin vivacity in cosmetics. Getting your own skin biome to produce ceramides reduces serum formulation costs by 88%.

The beauty industry will tell you: your skin is finnicky. That’s why there are over 1000 products for different face types and beauty enthusiasts can tell you what a pain it is to find the right one for your particular face. Each of our skin biomes have preferences from pH and moisture, to even the balance of bacterial consortia.

Cybele (pronounced SIB-uh-LEE) thinks of cosmetics products not as a mask, but rather as FOOD for your skin biome. They don’t try to drown your skin in new microbes that don’t belong–instead, they feed your skin bacteria to control what they do and produce. One of the products that your skin biome can produce on its own is ceramides, touted in the industry to retain skin moisture. By feeding them PRE-biotics your skin can produce the high-value probiotics you want, in the balance made for your skin.