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Free to Feed
Helping parents navigate food allergies
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Trill Paullin, CEO
I was teaching lab techs to test cow’s milk for the presence of other allergens when I had an epiphany: what would happen if I snuck into a closet and squirted some breast milk on this thing? My next thought was compete anger; how in the world is it we can do this for cows but we don’t do this for women?
Free to Feed will help parents to pinpoint the source of infant allergies in days rather than months.

Free to Feed is dedicated to finding solutions for mothers of food intolerant infants. The Free to Feed allergen test that identifies various food proteins in breast milk, allowing breastfeeding mothers the opportunity to determine what is eliciting a response in the infant. 

Free to Feed aims to offer women a solution other than blindly trialing elimination diets or switching to hypoallergenic formula. Their product will be an alternative and complementary option for mothers to understand what allergens may be present in their breast milk at the time of feeding.