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Go with your gut
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Christoph Geisler, PhD, CEO
“The forgotten organ, the microbiome, has the potential to be just as powerful as the liver at detoxifying waste from our bodies.”
More than 20 MM Americans actively seek non-prescription solutions for their debilitating conditions caused by excessive levels of waste toxins like urate and oxalate. Another 50MM are at risk!

Modern lifestyles are hard on our livers and kidneys, the organs that filter and break down metabolic waste products. But people don’t want to take drugs – they want to get healthy. Unlocked Labs unleashes the power of the microbiome to help out. 

Unlocked is a consumer probiotic company that unlocks silent genes – regaining the power to reduce toxins in our bodies.

Some gut microbes have the genes to eat our waste products as food, as a carbon source. These are dormant genes – they can be unlocked and activated. The company’s first products reduce uric acid and oxalic acid. High uric acid leads to gout, and high oxalic acid leads to kidney stones.