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“Reef safe” isn’t safe. “Reef friendly” isn’t friendly.
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Micah Nelp, PhD, CEO
“Imagine sunscreens so safe that we could literally eat them, and metabolize them like any plant protein.”
14,000 tons of sunscreens enter the ocean each year.

All  available  sunscreen  active  ingredients  absorb  through our  skin,  interfering  with  hormones  and  even  exacerbating UV damage. Meanwhile, SPFs in cosmetics,  washed down  the  drain at night,  accumulate  in  sensitive marine  environments,  where  even  the  “reef  safe”  versions threaten endangered corals and marine life.

Based on groundbreaking work in protein engineering at Princeton, Soliome has reinvented sunscreens and SPFs, an $18B global market. ​​It is totally safe, long-lasting and goes on clear without white residue.

Why now: In October of 2022, new FDA regulations on sunscreens take effect, dramatically reducing the cost and burden of approval.

Why it’s scalable: Because Soliome can make their SPFs from any protein. Even common plant proteins already used as food.