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The first topical supplement to reverse skin aging.
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Carolina Reis Oliveira, PhD, CEO
By addressing aging rather than focusing on individual diseases, we can be more effective in preventing or delaying most of the diseases we are fighting to treat.
Young skin is constantly renewing itself, and can shed up to 40,000 dead cells in one minute

OneSkin aims to promote skin rejuvenation by decoding the aging process. By replicating skin aging using 3D models and correlating biological markers with chronological age, they have created an efficient engine to screen new antiaging molecules. OneSkin is the first-in-class platform to quantitatively measure the rejuvenation effect on any molecule in human tissues

Their first topical supplement, OS-01, has been shown to act on a molecular level to reduce skin biological age, improve skin barrier, and improve cell function. OS-01 launched in Q1 2021.