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Puna Bio
Growing where others can't.
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Franco Martinez Levis, MBA, CEO
"Degraded soil WILL be the new norm, unless we stop it."
33% of our world’s agricultural soil is degraded. Without bold innovation, 90% of soil will be degraded by 2050.

The market value of farmland is driven by yield. For example, increasing soy yield by 10 bushels an acre can double the value of the farmland.

Puna Bio repairs soil health using extremophiles – organisms 3.5 billion years old, sourced from La Puna, the highest and driest desert on Earth. These organisms grow where others can’t – and they sustain plant life, despite getting 1/5th the rainfall of Death Valley.

When an athlete trains at altitude, she is even stronger at sea level. So it is with Puna’s extremophiles. They work wonders on degraded, acidic, and salinated soil. In fertile soil, they boost yields 4x more than competitors, with far more consistent results.

Puna Bio is already at industrial scale, having treated +600 tonnes of seeds this season, and conducted over 20,000 acres of field trials.