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Longevity tastes good
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Sara Bonham, PhD, CSO
The 50 plus consumer was really lacking in innovation and at Perennial we’re really proud to be championing this demographic and innovating for them with plant-based nutrition focused on healthy aging.
Science shows that diversity of gut bacteria promotes healthy aging

At all stages of our lives, our nutritional needs vary. Babies have different nutritional requirements, as do pregnant mothers and rapidly growing teens. Want to live forever? There’s probably an optimum diet for that as well.

That’s why Perennial is using their plant-based dairy platform to go after the elderly (>50) nutrition market with a high-value, indulgent drink, thoughtfully crafted to support the gut and the brains of aging adults. Perennial uses advanced technologies to take the best features of dairy and plant ingredients to break apart healthy fats and adhere them to the surface of plant proteins, making the resulting fat/protein matrix perform even better than actual dairy. Perennial is paving the way to purposeful nutrition that tastes good, and is easy to access.