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Palate Therapeutics
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"People want to eat healthy. However, ultra-processed foods coupled with human evolution to crave sugar makes it challenging. Our goal is to make this easier by providing a therapy to help reset and revamp patients taste and eating habits."
We consume more sugar in one 12-ounce can of CocaCola than what people did over 5 days in the 1800s.

Sustainable weight management involves adopting long-term lifestyle changes, including balanced nutrition and a focus on overall health. Traditional dieting methods and current drugs prioritize short-term weight loss and do not address the core issue of weight gain—the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar-laden foods. Palate Therapeutics is a new type of therapeutic company that aims to address the growing prevalence of metabolic diseases by reducing sugar consumption.Their cutting-edge technology utilizes oligonucleotides in an oral gene therapy that targets taste bud cells on the tongue, temporarily altering how sweet foods taste and are metabolized. By suppressing appetites towards sugary foods, Palate’s approach offers a promising solution to combat obesity and associated health issues.