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Probiotics for oral health
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Kishore Nannapaneni, PhD, CEO
If you’re brushing your teeth, then you’re only reducing the biofilm and by the evening it grows back. Same thing with mouthwashes, mint, and gum. They’re not addressing the root cause of oral diseases like tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.
There are over 700 species of bacteria in your mouth, and even the slightest change in dryness can change the balance of those species

Most tools for oral health treat symptoms, rather than the root cause of disease, dysbiosis of the oral biome.

Oralta is solving this by blending highly effective strains of probiotics to restore a healthy equilibrium of beneficial bacteria to outcompete odor and disease causing bacteria. After selling out of their first batches, they are now scaling product to meet consumer and dentist demand. Long term they are building a database of strains based on high through out testing of strains in combinations to treat consumer and clinical oral health conditions.