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Nuro Corp
Communication by brain
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Francois Gand, CEO
Our team delivers life-changing non-invasive neurological solutions with groundbreaking technology and without any of the risks from surgery and foreign body insertion into the human brain.
1 in 4 adults in the World will be a victim of Stroke and 20% of them will reach a state of Akinetic Mutism, fully aware yet entrapped by their body, unable to communicate.

With the 17 million new patients every year who are recovering from a stroke, a third of them will be touchless and voiceless. These victims have aphasia and paralysis to a point that they can no longer interact with the rest of the world, and can bring an individual to a such an imprisonment in their own bodies, that life feels like it no longer matters.

Nuro is making a headset and multimodal, multidirectional operating system (dubbed NUOS) to help a locked-in patients communicate with the world. Their headset is combining EEG and EOG into a set of algorithms that give stroke patients their independence and dignity back. You can view their current work on their website where they show patients communicating independently with just their brain – no voice, no touch. They are the only manufacturer in the world cleared by Health Canada, US IRB and US FDA under ‘Expanded Access’ for Communication by Brain for up to Locked-In Stage VI ALS.  NURO has developed a complete neurological product line named NUOS, which can be implemented instantly without any brain surgery and with a wide range of individuals, from healthy human beings to victims of Stroke, Trauma or Neurodegeneration.