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New Culture
Cow cheese without the cow
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Matt Gibson, CEO
If you have ever talked to a vegetarian or a 'flexitarian', you'll commonly hear that the number one thing stopping them from going vegan is cheese.
The average American consumes 36 pounds of cheese per year

When we think of pizza, we think of gooey, melty, stretchy cheese. Unfortunately vegan cheese has not delivered. The texture is nowhere near as stretchy and doesn’t satisfy any foodie trying to replace their dairy cheese.

New Culture is making a meltable, stretchable cheese with the mouthfeel of cow-based mozzarella, by employing traditional cheesemaking techniques. In a manner similar to another key cheese-making ingredient, rennet, New Culture set about to eliminate cows from its cheese by wrangling microbial fermentation to produce caseins. These difficult-to-make proteins are the critical molecules that bring about that stretchy texture that makes cheese so cheesy.